Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Reading Layers from a Qgis Project File.

Some notes on reading individual layers out of a Qgis Project file. This should end up in a 'import layers from a project file' plugin.

1. get the xml into some text:

xml = file("project.qgs").read()

2. make a blank QDomDocument and set the content:

d = PyQt4.QtXml.QDomDocument()

3. Now find the maplayers:

maps = d.elementsByTagName("maplayer")

4. How many?


5. Now read the fourth layer (0-index) into running Qgis:


Wrap this in a nice gui that tells the user what the map layers are, lets them check boxes, import the layers, marks the current project as dirty. Jobzagoodun.

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