Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Formation of a Research Computing Users Group at Lancaster

As part of my Fellowship with the Software Sustainability Institute, I want to encourage better communication and collaboration between people using computing in their research. Anyone who spends a chunk of their research time writing programs, manipulating data or producing interesting graphs - as well as those who have an interest in improving their skills in those areas - are welcome to the inaugural meeting of the totally informal Research Computing Users Group. This will bring together researchers across faculties to share best practice and new skills in research computing.

The initial meeting will be at 1pm on the 5th of July in the A54 Lecture Theatre of the Postgraduate Statistics Centre. As I have no idea of numbers at this stage, could you please fill in this doodle poll if you are interested in attending. A light lunch will be supplied, sponsored by the Software Sustainability Institute.

I've also prepared a short questionnaire on aspects of research computing.

For the first meeting we'll probably spend 20 minutes in general discussion, and I'll spend 20 minutes with a short presentation on magically turning your data into publications. If anyone would like to do a short presentation on any aspect of their research computing processes, please email me with details.

Please encourage your fellow researchers and PhD students to attend.