Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pushing OpenSource in a grant bid

Today I've been writing a section on a research grant (as well as fixing the prof's typos and spellong misteaks).  It's great to be able to put the following into a proposal:

"Software and accompanying documentation and training tools developed and released during the programme will be made available under an Open Source license. This will maximise its accessibility to users, especially those working in health institutions in developing countries. It also enables the project to accept improvements and fixes in the software from the wider community.

The project will also commit to using Free and Open Source software as widely as possible within the research team, so that software solutions are developed that do not have proprietary components as part of their architecture".

The computing infrastructure will include a database server (running PostGIS), a front-end (running Apache and serving maps via OpenLayers and maybe WFS/WMS services), and two compute engines churning out statistics with R. It'll be fun to put all these things together if we get the grant. I'm sure I'll blog the result when we get it.

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